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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post Adjutant

The American Legion
Authorized by two of the organizers to continue local service for a Legion post that held together for the past twelve years by one person.  
During my training in the military I was instructed to reach out to subject matter experts to pool resources and assets for results. With boots on the ground and words in the air a new kind of leader was born.
I John Zarlino author of @FindFriendFollow (tm) and @LookListenLike (tm) (google it) amonother other inventions like the neologism brending. (Marko is the co-inventer

In support of the mission this namespace was secured forever and in accorndance with W3C and HTML5 standards.

The correct image was used properly seven months ago and now due to false light claims and bold face lies a unlawful hearing was held and used at the spring board to continued oppression.

Burn me once shame on me burn me twice shame on you.
Please provide me your original thought or researched facts to the following interrogitory.
Q: An duty Marine officer on national TV  #SharkTank and asked for money in his uniform.
The name of his company is RUCKSACK.  Based on your expert opion as a subject matter expert, did this officer break any federal state local or not for profit laws?

I look forward to seeing you at the next #americanlegion post meeting. Call me if you have any questions. +1 (614) 448-0090 Coach "Z" This is and still is my name in which I was know as prior to joining the the #etnakirkersvillepataskala post. Feel free to use as a reference.  I look forward to providing Chlling Effects your offical answer to the use of the American Legion logo and it relates to my intent a good faith of entering this namespace in April of 2012.
Since April of this year the American Legion and created and rolled out new processes using my brending idea.  Brending is a neologism and is my company.  A company can be an idea it does not have to be a product service or cause..  Every not for profit is also a company and every post needs to be run like a company. Nobody ownes the internet and you should embrace those that understand it's power and join the cause to nominate the internet for the nobel peace prize.
scope of work
e to help with your post. #brending | | | Please call +1 (614) 448-0090 if you would like to help with #bootsontheground JDZ |

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The Post Adjutant
The Veterans of Foreign Wars closely follows military tradition. In the Army, the Adjutant is responsible for the administrative function of command, including all official correspondence and non-financial records.

Qualifications of a Post Adjutant
You no doubt have dedication to the goals and objectives of the Veterans of Foreign Wars or you would not have assumed the position of Adjutant. You should become familiar with the history of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States eligibility regulations and the current programs and services to our comrades.  No one ever reaches the point they know all there is to know about the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and how it functions. The one constant thing in our fast paced world is change. To do our jobs well, we must keep up with these changes and accept the responsibilities which they bring in their wake. This is particularly true of Post Adjutants.
The Post Adjutant is a conduit for information between the Post Commander and the members of the Post, as well as between the Post and the general public.

Effective communication skills are necessary to maintain a productive harmonious atmosphere among members and help to recruit new members.

Duties of the Post Adjutant
The duties of the Post Adjutant are set for forth Section 218 (a) (6) of the Manual of Procedure.
Among the duties of the Post Adjutant he shall:
a) Be the official corresponding officer for the Post and shall attest to all official communications and reports with his signature.
b) Under the direction of the Commander, prepare all reports and returns required of him.
c) Maintain the books and records in a legible and uniform format. Record keeping by electronic means may be used, provided a back-up and a hard copy is maintained. Books and records shall be available for inspection by authorized officers and Post members at all reasonable times. Unless authorized by the Post to remove such books and records from its facilities, all such books and records shall be kept at the Post facilities.
d) The Post Adjutant shall maintain the following records:
1. A copy of the original application of every member admitted to the Post.
2. Minutes of each Post meeting after correction and approval.
3. All current orders of circulars issued by the Commander-in-Chief, the National Council of Administration, the Department Commander, the District and/or County Council Commander (if applicable) or the Post Commander.
4. A correspondence file.
5. A file containing a copy of the proof of eligibility submitted by officers pursuant to Section 216.
e) Maintain a current copy of the By-Laws, Manual of Procedure and Ritual of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and copies of the By-Laws of the Post, Department, District and County Council (if applicable).
f) Transfer to his successor, without delay, all books, papers, records, monies and other records and propertyof the  Post in his possession or under his control.
g) Comply with and perform all duties required of him by the laws and usages of this organization, applicable By-Laws and orders from lawful authority and perform such other duties as are incident to such office.
Sections 215 and 216, of the National By-Laws and Manual of Proceedure provides that Post officers, elected and appointed, shall be eligible to hold any office in the Post provided that proof of eligibility has been submitted and verified by the Post Commander and Post Adjutant. Post officers shall not be installed or assume the duties of their office until proof of eligibility has been submitted and properly reviewed. Such proof of eligibility shall be open to and reviewed by the Commander, Adjutant and Quartermaster prior to installation to office. In the event an elected or appointed officer fails to submit proof of eligibility within sixty (60) days of election or appointment, any right of the officer to hold office shall be forfeited and the office declared vacant and the eligibility qualifications of such officer shall be questioned in accordance with provisions of Section 108 of the By-Laws.
In addition to these By-Law requirements, the Adjutant shall, within 30 days of becoming aware of, submit to the VFW Headquarters, at 406 W. 34th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, a list of the changes of address and report deaths which have occurred in the Post. It is the responsibility of the Post Adjutant to keep the mailing list of the Post accurate at all times.
If a Post member complains they are not receiving the magazine, the Post Adjutant should see that the correct name and address are on file at VFW National Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.
The Adjutant must also keep a roll of all Post officers at each meeting and see that the following information is incorporated into the minutes of each Post meeting:
a) A list of all persons accepted for membership at each meeting.
b) A list of persons rejected for membership at each meeting.
c) A brief recapitulation of the important items for committee reports, including the name of the originator of the report.
d) A record of all motions, including the names of initiators and second in the resulting action
(and all other actions of the Post)
e) Provide the Quartermaster with the properly approved and prepared orders for the disbursement of funds.
f) Form 4208, Post Quartermaster’s Detail of Receipts and Disbursements, for each meeting.
g) A summary of the disposition of all correspondence as directed by proper authority.
If there is anything about your duties you do not understand or if you need advice, counsel or assistance of any kind, call or write your Department Adjutant.
Tools of the Trade
No craftsman worthy of the name would ever think of starting a job without the necessary tools. Your tools, as a Post Adjutant, should include the latest edition of the “Congressional Charter and By-Laws and Manual of Procedure and Ritual.”  A Post Minutes Book to cover your term of office, post stationary, envelopes, and a computer with Internet access all are beneficial in efficiently performing the functions of your office. The Post seal should be available and used on official correspondence.
Forms and other materials, as well as a wealth of information about the VFW are available at
Application Cards
The By-Laws require that the Post Adjutant should review the applications for completeness prior to presentation by the Commander. While it is the responsibility of the proposing member to have the application prepared correctly and the responsibility of the Reviewing Committee to verify it, the Post Adjutant should recheck all application cards before the Post acts on them.
One of your most important functions as a Post Adjutant will be to keep accurate minutes of Post meetings. You should use the official Post Minute Book available through the National Emblem and Supply Department.
Your minutes are the official records of your Post’s past meetings and the past transactions that make up your Post’s history; therefore, your diligence in keeping accurate minutes is important. It should include the actions of the Post from the Quartermaster’s report, the identity of the member making a motion and the actions taken on that motion, as well as other discussion topics. Proofread the minutes before submitting.
The general orders and communications can sometimes be lengthy, but it is important to present an overview. Some call for action by the Post and others are for file and informational purposes only. Be careful to review all correspondence to ensure that any required action is taken.
Accurate Records & Good Housekeeping
The Post looks to the Post Adjutant to keep the Post’s house in order. The Adjutant is the executive officer of the Post and primary advisor to the Commander. You deserve the respect and the satisfaction derived from exemplarily accomplishing a critical mission.

Post Contact Number 614-448-0090

Text the word | Brending to 90210 | connect your pda to mine

Video link of post meeting today - 5-9-2012

Updated 10-12-2012
Updated 11-18-2012
What does this image mean to you? The first one on the lot left is a project I have been working on since 1999 and the goal is to reach one million members.  The American Legion image represent who I am not who you are. My buddy on the top right helps anybody that needs to learn the power of video. Text the word charisma to 90210 if you want more information. An the last lady is the driving force behind bringing RDF to the masses for the the same reason I do. She is Mark's brother and like Mark understand the power of RDF and how we all can use it to help each other. Leaver the drama out of it and embrace the boots on the ground and the words in the air. FACEBOOK ROCKS! KIWANIS ROCKS! AMERICAN LEGION ROCKS!
This post is in response to the oppression we face daily in the community in which we serve.
#brending | | Please call +1 (614) 448-0090 if you would like to help with #bootsontheground JDZ |
Reached out to some of the leadership for our district about our meeting on the 26th. Have to get ready for the football meeting in a few hours. Be back later.
Post Adjutant


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  3. I was with my father the day he went to the first post meeting and I know exactly what he said and the things that B.J. and Jack wrote on paper and passed out to the community are not correct. #oppression #americanlegon


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