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May 2012

Fun meeting in which I had to prompt the current officers to set up to the plate and take positions. First time I asked Jack to help and he seemed like a great time but tonight when I spoke of his feeling for me that have no meaning at all and told people that I am not welcomed in his home five times. This was after BJ called me at home and told me we won an award for being the first post to turn in all the papework (which I did at the June meeting)

Oppression - 5th largest site in the word. I read this in 1995 and for the past 12 years I have tried to explain this
process to others and have used it in my personal and business life.  The two are not mutually exclusive.
Usability of Mediawiki
After weeks of spending time to develop some extensions for mediawiki, i came to the conclusion, that wiki not only has
advantages. One big disadvantage is how people use the concept. When i was searching for code i read a lot of pages. A mix
of half todo-lists, half sketchbook and half needful things (3/2).

Another disadvantage is, that you did not realize interwiki changes. This is very nice for a seamless 'look and feel' But
you have to watch the url all the time.

The third disadvantage i noticed is the loss of hierachical structure. After jumping from several pages to another you end
up lost or suddenly cross the initial page again, going round in circle.

At the end i spend a lot of time reading useless stuff.

For normal readers mediawiki offers far more advantages, but as developper it is a pain to grab all the stuff. At the end
mediawiki is revolutionary and will change the world.

Where to write things

As you can see this is written in the talk part of the entry page of mediawiki. I'm sure , that some wizards can tell me
hundreds of places much better to write this down.

 1.create some sort of (internal) weighting links between pages. Google does it perfectly - (except when you are searching
information for a product. Then you get almost only ebay's and other sellers)
 2.publish some rules where to write and where not. (for private wikis as recommendation too)
 3.clear distiction of finished stuff and todos etc

--Andres obrero 20:22, 31. Jul 2005 (UTC)
brending is our teams neologism invented on March 9th 2011
Use this link to view the site that I started using in 2009 to bring the above RDF to the world. and then added this site in December of 2011 I now use to connect to the 450 users to reviw the Usability of Mediawiki and the funtionality of
Artificial Intelligence as it relates to | Shoutout (also another oppression
story) Shout out a thumbs up here |


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