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Follow him on Twitter @rabite. In June of 2010 there was an AT&T webserver on the open Internet. There was an API on this server, a URL with a number at the end. If you incremented this number, you saw the next iPad 3G user email address. I thought it was egregiously negligent for AT&T to be publishing a complete target list of iPad 3G owners, and I took a sample of the API output to a journalist at Gawker. I did this because I despised people I think are unjustly wealthy and wanted to embarass them. I thought this is the United States of America where we have the right to do basic arithmetic and query public webservers. I was convicted of two consecutive five-year felonies, and am now awaiting sentencing. I left the Aaron Swartz memorial tonight emotionally exhausted. Here is a guy who was beloved by many of my close friends, whose suffering and miseries I have shared in kind. I’ll never forget when the Secret Service started following me. My lover at the time and I treated it like a game, spending our days ditching surveillance in the best ways possible: speedboats, helicopters, club bouncers. Over time, this has become less and less of a game. It soon became clear that I could not be both an activist and a capitalist. I quit my six figure job at the time because the former was more important to me. Then one day, everything changed. FBI agents tried to frame me for terrorism in 2008. Twice. They ruined my career, my relationship, my life. Nobody believed that I could be a terrorist so now they try to libel me as an identity thief. Lawrence Lessig said of Aaron’s indictment that the prosecutor Ortiz was “either an idiot, or a liar.” I know this feeling all too well.
One of my prosecutors, Michael Martinez, claimed that our querying a public webserver was criminal because “it isn’t like going to ESPN and checking your sports team’s scores.” The facts: AT&T admitted, at trial, that they “published” this data. Their words. Public-facing, programmatic accesses of APIs happen upwards of a trillion times per day. Twitter broke 13 billion on their API ages ago. This is something that happens more than the entire population of Earth, daily. The government has no problem with this up until you transform the output into something offensive to important people. People with “disruptive” startups, this is your fair warning: They are coming for you next. The other one of my prosecutors, Zach Intrater, said that a comment I made about Goatse Security, my information security working group, starting a certification process to declare systems “goatse tight” was evidence of my intent to personally profit. For those not in on the joke: Goatse is an Internet meme referencing a man holding open his anus very widely. The mind reels. I can’t survive like this. I am happy to be hitting a prison cell soon. They ruined my business. The feds get approval of who I can work for or with: they rejected one company because the CEO had a social network profile with an occupation listed as “hacker.” They prohibit me from touching any computer that isn’t federally monitored. I do my best to slang Perl code on an Android device to comply with my bail conditions. It isn’t pretty. Ivy league educated and wealthy, Aaron dealt with his indictment so badly because he thought he was part of a special class of people that this didn’t happen to. I am from a rundown shack in Arkansas. I spent many years thinking people from families like his got better treatment than me. Now I realize the truth: The beast is so monstrous it will devour us all. None will be spared.
So now I stare at a form that the government wants me to fill out before sentencing labelled “acceptance of responsibility” and wonder what I can possibly fill in this slot. This letter is it. I accept my responsibility, and hope you do too, of dismantling this terrible empire so that this can’t happen to anyone. This is the difference between the prosecutors and FBI agents and I. They wish me utterly destroyed, and have been hounding me for years of my life. They have been surveilling me, by their own admission, since I was 15. You know what I wish for? A world where no man may abridge the liberty of another. Not me, not you, not the FBI, not federal prosecutors. I actually hope they have fulfilling lives, and come to realize the mistake of treating our Constitution like toilet paper. This is a country where if you express ideas that federal agents don’t like you, you will be beaten, imprisoned, or killed. I accept my responsibility for offending seditious thugs, liars and tyrants. I say this is the duty of all decent citizens left. God bless. Andrew Auernheimer (*Those who assert our right to access public web APIs can donate to the effort to overturn the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. More info at - Andrew Auernheimer) Tags: Andrew Auernheimer, weev Entropia Digital NV - Koning Albert 1 Laan 122 - 8200 - Brugge (Sint-Michiels) - BelgiĆ« Entropia Digital BV - Lichtenauerlaan 102-120 - 3062 ME Rotterdam - Nederland The use of the DepartureVision web service requires the developer to provide us the static IP addresses of the servers that will be accessing the web service so that we may allow access through our reverse proxy server. Please send us an email to request access. Could you please call my father about Biala Meris Please advise. +1 (614) 448-0090 #bialameris +Jim Claunch +Mark Biala +Frank Girard +Thom McFadden +Thom McFadden Rudy Camp #rudycamp Rudy Camp +Latin West Company © Webutation 2013 Myglobalhub.Com - Website Report receives about 2,132 unique visitors and 6,397 (3.00 per visitor) page views per day which should earn about $7.10/day from advertising revenue. Estimated site value is $2,643.58. According to Alexa Traffic Rank is ranked number 242,812 in the world and 0% of global Internet users visit it. This site has Google page rank of 1. Site is hosted in San Antonio, TX, 78229, United States and links to network IP address Call me today +1 (614) 448-0090 if you need your web site to pick up from where you are today. Ask for Brending Klout that will let me know you read my work on line. If you are ready to rock right go to to my gig here and let's get to work. #tradesecret #scopeofwork #whitepaper #cernpeople #W3C #html5 #kiwanisconvention #americanlegion #watkinsmiddleschoolpto #bialameris #jimclaunch #blueboyconsultant #coveryourassets #myglobalhub #cya2 © Webutation 2013 #message@webutationdotnet
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These are the orgiginal notes used as a rough draft to create which was sent to any interested party on line and nobody asked me if it was ok nor did I ask if it was ok to use the internet but every person in hte room knew they were being recoreded and every person in the room knew they could use my system to come to a meeting from home or out of town. I was told Dale had to step down becuase he was out of town yet he was at the last meeting? ROUGH DRAFT - Looking for mentorship from current post Adjutant's Official Minutes of Post 107 Department Of Ohio The American Legion Attendance: Officers 9 Members 48 These minutes mark a historic event for post 107. The regular meeting of post 107 was called to order by 2nd Vice Kcerrii Bjishkian at 1900 6-13-2012 The gavel was passed to 6th District Commander Carol Liston who opened up the floor for nominations of officers. The following motions to nominations for respective offices were all appoved and election to said office were all unaminooulsy appoved. The first and second motions are listed followed by the office position, any discussion, then certification was approved by the outgoing post commander signed and turned in to HQ on 6-13-2012. The election by voice process was used to establish the new leadership for each office one position at a time. One person per office was nominated and a voice vote on the ticket as a whole was not done. The 6th District Commander chose to hold nominations and elections for each position one at a time to signifiy the importance of the charges for each office. Motion to elect Kcerrii Bjishkian as Commander - John Zarlino Seconded By Mike Erickson Discussion - Kcerrii Bjishkian was asked to replace the interum commander Dale Leach. Dale respectfully requested was not at the meeting and resigned his Commander postion via a MX Record to Carol Liston. The exact content of the communication was not disclosed in public for personal reasons. Contact 6th distict Commander for details of Dales request to resign. No other nominations from the floor. Kcerrii was originally charged has the interum 2nd vice and filled the postion of Commander durring a last minute change of the officers. As reported in the local paper Dale Leach had accepted the interum postion of commander to do his part with the revitalization of the post. He resigned the postion as reported by 6th District Commander Carol Liston during the final meeting of post 107 lead by outgoing post 107 commander and adjutant and finance officer Woody Fox. Dales leadership and dectication to duty are noted for the record. Kcerrii also made the comment to address her as commander or "BJ" during discussion. A motion to close nominations by George Popovich Seconded by Jack Addington Passed Motion to elect Jack Addington as 1st Vice - John Zarlino Seconded By Mike Morenus Discussion - Jack orginally took the charge as the service officer during the revtilization meetings and stepped into the the interum postion of Mike Knapp as 1st vice. Mike could not make the meeting today and for the sake of the post standing up as a quota organization the voting members present felt it best to fill the postion. Mike will be asked to fill one of the other leadershp roles available. Hearing no other nominations from the floor they election of officers proceeded in an orderly fashion. A motion to close the nominations by Ken Myers/Jerry Dunbar Passed Motiong to elect Larry Sobotka as 2nd Vice - JohnZarlino and Seconded By Larry Cope Discussion - Sam filled the position of the interum 2nd vice due to BJ stepping up to Commander. Sam discussed his objective to lead the post in two years. His concern to do a good job for the post members was noted in a private "revitilization" meeting prior to stating the elections to follow protocol and show a united front not to interupt the election process. "It's important to note that surrounding yourself with quality people during quality time prevents yourself from being a casulity by allowing casual people to steal your precious time" Hearing no other nominations from the floor a montion was made to close the nominations and call for the question by Margie Myers and seconded by Jared Brandon Passed. Immidately following the certified elections of post 107 the 6th District commander turned the gavel over to Commander BJ to conduct continue with house keeping matters and future plans. The following post member was appointed and opened the meeting with our prayer. Key Myers - Chaplin The following post member was appointed and charge with keeping the noise down in the room after Ken's Myers prayer stired up so much emotion among the non believers of God BJ felt it nessecsarry to have them removed from the meeting. Charles Caldwell - Master at Arms The following post member was appointed to correct the privious minutes post about the mater at arms to see if you are reading the minutes for your post. This is an old trick taught to me by my 8th grade social studies teacher. He would put a statement in the instructions on how to take the test that would allow you to jump to the end of the test and get an "A+". Plus I like to have fun while I work and it will help others know how to correct the minutes during a regular meeting. I am not perfect and will make mistakes and need your support to help with all of the processes. Margori Myers - Historian These official minutes and all subsequent meeting notes will state that regular meeting opended and followed a published agenda provided in current support material furnished by the Ohio District. Our advertised regular meeting will be held once a month on the second wednesday at 1900 hundred hours. BJ made the following appointments using current guidence that can be found on the Post 107 on line year book maintained by Historian Margori. "To qualify for the Post Excellence Award, a post is required to achieve excellence in four areas: membership, youth activities, community service, and support to currently serving troops or veterans." With those ideals in mind, As your commander of post 107 it is with great honor and pleasure that I accept your willingness to lead the following committee's. You are to fill this postion until propertly releavied. For God and country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes and these appointments were made to respect our peramble and are noted for the record. Only reports prepared prior the regular meeting held on the second Wednesday will be recorded as an agenda item. Your committee meetings will be held outside of our post meetings. Committee's are to report during regular post meetings. You post time is for members to remain informed of your accomplishments between the meetings not during them. It is your responsiblity to have your respective reports ready and submitted to the post Adjutant. If said report is not done in a timely manner you will have the opportunity to report new business during the general meeting. As your commander I appoint the following post members to the respective committee chairs. Membership growth, Jack Addington, please expose the American Legion values to the youth of the community, using increased visibility of the American Legion family through service projects. Our post will achieve this task with your leadership and qualifications. Contact current civic leaders and find out how you can use your postion to bring the traveling wall to our town no later than 2014. We know as a whole this will be a major project and I wish you well. Please have numerous post members involved in planning and achieving these goals. This postion is mission critical to revitilize and establish a foot hold in the communities in which we serve. Other surrounding posts are most likely already active in these areas and will qualify for the Post Excellence Award without extra effort. Our post, however, just being "reformed" today will need to increase efforts with you at the helm. Based on tonights "standing room only" new member sign ups the bar as been set. The standard to be achieved for membership must be at least one member greater than the previous year and I one officer must attend the Ohio District meeting. I will statify the district meeting requirement and support your membership efforts where needed. Enjoy the upcoming administrative year and thank you. Youth Activities, John Zarlino - You are appointed as the American Legion Baseball Head Coach "Coach Z" and Liason between our post and every surrounding organization that supports Youth Baseball in our Post 107 service area for Etna, Kirkersville, and Pataskala. This highly competive arena will require masterful negotiating skills with Athetic directors and Head Coachers to ensure quality play not only on the field but amongst your peers. You are also charged to report back to me any post member wanting to lead the open chair yet to be filled by post members. Don't let your zeal cloud the mission and include all post members the opportunity to serve the community in which they live. The fact that you understand there is no "amigo in ego" will boad well with your appointment. Seeking out post members to head up other committee's based on individual interests and willingness to help saddled with your unique abiltiy to respect other's time will support your efforts. Please include the following open postions for the record as open to post members to "step up to the plate" and take on a portion of the process to reach our common goal of post excellence every year. My goal is to establish a solid foundation for each succeeding commander to follow and tweak based on current best practices among all posts. As we approach the one hundredth anniverary of "The American Legion" it's important to me that you follow the past leaders suggestions and accept thier mentorship as you will do mine. Encourage other post members to lead the following committee chairs. Boys State-OPEN, American Legion Baseball-"Coach Z", Oratorical-Open, Boy Scouts-Open, Junior Shooting Sports-Open. Community service - This next appointment is the conduit for all post activies. Your postion will also include being on the excutive committee for the post. You must accomplish a community service project with members of the Legion family actively working in the community outside the post home. A wide range of potential projects exists, such as a project centered on one of Children & Youth’s emphasis areas to fulfilling a strictly local need. One of your post members is the parent coordinator for the Children's and Family first counsil appointed by the State of Ohio Governor. Use his resource to reach those in need in a private confidential manner. A monetary donation may be part of the project but may not constitute the entire project. Service to troops/veterans. - Aurelio Lopez - Service Officer - This next appointment must accomplish a project supporting troops or veterans in the community with Legion family members outside the post home. Potential projects include the Family Support Network, Heroes to Hometowns, or simply helping a local veteran with needed updates to his or her home. Again, a monetary donation may be part of the project but may not constitute the entire project. Our current 6th district commander is responsible for our post and will certify us as having achieved the four specified criteria for post excellence this administrative year. When directed the district commander will submit our entry to the department headquarters. That list will include our new post name if we chage the current name, post number 107 which we will never change, Post Address P. O. Box 5 Etna, Oh 43108. and my name. Ideally, the last two criteria are accompanied by copies of press releases submitted to the local media about the projects. That method ensures the projects were not only accomplished but that an attempt was made to enhance the image of The American Legion through local media. I ask each appointed post member to keep copies for the adjutant to include a date-time stamp showing receipt by the media outlet. Once we have done our part the department adjutant will transmit information to: The American Legion National Headquarters Attn: Membership P.O. Box 1055 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1055 The following post members are appointed to these respective postions. John Zarlino - Baseball Coach Z Key Myers - Chaplin Charles Caldwell - Master at Arms Aurelio Lopez - Service Officer Margori Myers - Historian It is with great honor to accept the motion from Larry Sobotka and seconed by Charles Cauldwell to approve the minutes of post 107 from its previous leadership. The revitalization efforts were well recieved and approvied by the current post 107 membership. The temporary meeting location provided by Nancy and Steve Butcher has and will continue to server as the meeting location at 1900 every second Wednesday of the month for regular meetings. Woody Fox has serverd as the post's Adjutant for the past 14 years and will be utilized as a trusted resource for consulting with the newly elected leadership. 6th Dirstrict Commander Carol Liston Charged the following officers after conducting POST 107 elections. 4. Commander Read Charges - 7:33 3. 1 st vice - Jack Addington - Mike Morenus - Keny Myers Jerry Dunbar - Read Charges - 7:32 4. 2nd vice - Larry Sobotka Larry Cope Sam Margia Myers Jared Brandon - Read Charges - 7:31 5. Adjutant - Robert Cliffton John Zarlino Aurelio Lopez Bob Adams - Read Charges - 7:38 6. Finance Officer - Woody Fox Don Vocca - Read Charges - 7:30 PM 7. Chaplin Ken Myers - appointed - Read charges - 7:29 PM 8. Master at Arm - Charles Caldwell - appointed - Read charges 7:28 PM 9. Service Officer - Aurelio Lopez appointed - Read Charges 7:36 10.Historian - Mrs. Myers - appointed - Read Charges 7:37 Noon on 6-14-2012 Detication Purple Heart City. Ken and Marjoie Myers Interest In sports - Ken Myers - Bj - Sports Committee

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